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Daily updates of nepal stock, gold / silver and many other services



Bittiya Alert is a WEB / SMS based service where users can get infotainment services for various day to day usage and business relation information.

  • Daily Notification for various bittiya services
  • SMS based notification
  • Easy subscription via USSD
  • Access to web based portal for viewing all the information.
  • Stay upto date with bank interest rates
  • Get alerts for information regarding share market openings

Share Market

Get information about IPO / Right Share / FPO / Mutual Fund / Bonds / Debentures.

Gold / Silver

Get daily updated gold / silver price. View history with the dashboard login.


Get Commercial Banks Forex rate with best buying and selling rates for the major currencies.

Interest Rates

Get Commercial Banks Interest rates for loan and various schemes.


Tender Notices from various government and non-government organizations.


Installment Packages

6 months Package

@Rs 816.00 (3 Days @Rs. 13.60 Installment)

1 year Package

@Rs 1512.00 (3 Days @Rs. 12.60 Installment)

Upfront Packages

6 Months Package

@Rs 734

1 Year Package

@Rs 1209
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Note: All prices are inclusive of taxes.

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